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What Parents & Students Say About Working With Paula

Paula provides excellent help, a firm and encouraging touch and such a positive approach.  She's so knowledgeable.  It made a huge difference in eliminating a lot of the stress of college applications." 
– Bates Parent    


"I had heard the college process was a nightmare, but working with Paula made it so easy.  She kept my daughter motivated, and her work is fantastic!  I have already put a deposit down for my sophomore."
– Tulane Parent 


"Paula is very good at brainstorming and editing.  She will help the student from the first step through the final product." 
– Columbia Parent   


"Working with Paula, I gained a newfound confidence in my writing.  Rather than red-lining my essays and placing ideas in my head that weren't my own, she encouraged me to express my opinions and helped me put them successfully on paper.  This enabled me to produce natural, honest work that I could truly be proud of."     

– Wesleyan Student


"Paula is a master at her craft.  She is intelligent, patient, insightful and talented.  Paula makes the laborious task of writing college essays fun for her students.  Our son really enjoyed working with her and found her very helpful."     
– Cornell Parent           


"When I came to Paula, I had many ideas for my essays but needed help organizing them.  I found her to be very knowledgeable and I truly enjoyed my experience working with her!" 
– University of Maryland Student


"Working with Paula took the conflict out of my relationship with my son concerning the college application process." 
Indiana University Parent 


"Even though the process of applying to college can be daunting, Paula turned it around for me.  She was instrumental in helping me organize my thoughts into cohesive essays." 
– University of Michigan Student


"Paula made me feel comfortable and was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. She was able to bring out the best in my writing, without telling me what to write. I learned a lot about the writing process in general through my experience, and know to push myself to write to my fullest potential without settling for the easy route." 
– University of Wisconsin Student


"Paula's wonderful knack of managing the essay and application process was invaluable to our entire family.  We were overjoyed with the results she helped our son achieve." 
– University of Michigan Parent 

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